ITIN Certifying Acceptance Agent

If you require an ITIN to file a U.S. tax return, the tax return is a supporting document to the ITIN application. thumbnailThe application for the ITIN (Form W-7) must be submitted with the tax return and verified identification to the ITIN processing department of the IRS.

Our Certifying Acceptance Agent will assist you with these applications, and you can rely on us to certify that you are not a U.S. Resident and that you are the person applying for the ITIN. Just provide us with your complete personal documents. We will inform them that we have met with you, verified your identity and certified your foreign status in accordance with the procedures in place for Certifying Acceptance Agents. We are authorized by Internal Revenue Service to assist individuals in obtaining Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

Our ITIN application service includes:

  • Reviewing the ITIN application form (Form W-7) for suitability to your situation;
  • Reviewing the supporting documents required for your situation;
  • Preparing a Certificate of Accuracy, which verifies your identity and foreign status to the IRS, if appropriate for your application;
  • Providing a notarial copy of your identification;
  • Submitting the application and supporting documentation to the IRS on your behalf;
  • Following up on your application; and
  • Reporting to you with your ITIN once it is assigned.
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