IRS Representation/Audit

Our personnel can help prepare and send essential documents as requested by the IRS. In the rare event of an audit, you should trust on a knowledgeable tax representative that understands tax laws and procedures. Facing the IRS in the event of an audit can be very intimidating and you should not attempt to represent yourself alone.

Protect yourself from the costly tax penalties that could possibly be the result from an IRS audit. Our team has knowledgeable and experienced professionals who understand audits, appeals, and tax laws. We represent individuals and businesses dealing with audits, requests for letters and documentation, and even investigations of tax inconsistency.

To act on your behalf, we will make sure that your rights as a taxpayer are not violated and that the IRS does not force you to reveal information that you may not be required to. You will no longer have to deal directly with the IRS.

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